now you re cooking 5.89 for Windows 10


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Now You're Cooking! (NYC) is award-winning, versatile recipe and cooking software to help you organize and maintain your recipes, plan nutritious meals, control your diet and fitness, create shopping lists, and manage grocery costs. NYC runs in Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/98/95/NT4. Enter your own recipes, or import a gazillion recipes from our recipe library (158,000+ importable recipes plus links to 0.5 million more). Maintain your recipes and use spell-check dictionaries in any of 14 languages.

Read what sets NYC apart from other recipe software. Read about all the cool stuff you can do with NYC.

NYC is evolving with feedback from users in all walks of life, leading to continuous improvement of this software. The spectrum of NYC users includes households, restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts, caterers, personal chefs, dietitians, nutrition consultants, hospitals, churches, schools, day care facilities, dorms, fraternities, and sororities.

Intuitive functionality, tight organization, and clarity are trademarks of NYC. When comparing features and price with other recipe/cooking/grocery management software, we believe NYC represents the best value (i.e., features for the price) available today for Windows - including commercial, shareware, or otherwise. NYC was the first recipe software with registration options for FREE upgrades. With NYC, you can always try it out for 60 days before you buy (see registration details).

* context-sensitive status line help

* quick-fill data entry

* "Did you know?" tips

* auto-updated droplists

* user-defined external editor and browser

* various toolbars for speed use

* safe and easy upgrade to new NYC versions

* Windows Help (contents, search)

* zip/unzip cookbooks for backup or exchange

* easy cut, copy-paste option

* web links for support and recipe downloads

* cooking glossary with user tips

* easy Backup of entire user folder (with compression)

* store user folder anywhere

* selective Restore of backed up files to user folder

* change screen font size

* numerous user preference settings

* organized, customizable recipe interface

* recipe fullview and editview choices

* up to 500 user-defined categories per cookbook

* duplicate recipe checking across cookbooks

* unlimited number of cookbooks

* resize recipes by a multiplier or by #servings

* automatic or manual recipe categorization

* automatic best units for resized ingredients

* tag and untag recipes for later operations

* defrag or reindex cookbooks and image archives

* toggle US-SI, fractions-decimal conversions

* cookbook annotation

* edit, delete, email, print, export recipes from search results

* customizable find-replace text across cookbooks

* attach images to recipes in cookbooks

* proper case recipe names across cookbooks

* customizable edit window layout

* customizable multi-rater, multi-criteria recipe rating

* spell checker (dictionaries in 14 languages)

* graphical analysis of recipe ratings